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Toa of Water
Gali is the spirit of the water, and the only female Toa. She is young but incredibly wise - wiser, possibly, than all the other five Toa put together. The Tohunga worship her more than any of the others. They believe she is the sustainer of life - but if she gets angry, look out! Tidal waves and rainstorms flood the island!

Gali is the most agile and gymnastic of the six Toa. She has incredible jumping abilities and her own brand of acrobatic self-defence. The only things that slow her down are excessively hot and dry conditions.

Gali is at home both in and near the waters of Lake Naho. Here she can swim and move quickly around the waterfalls that plunge down into the icy water, using her two hooked arms to grab onto rocks and cliffs. She works in harmony with the waters, which help to protect her in times of danger.
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