LEGO Software
Platform: PC CD-ROM
Release date: September 2001

Adventure with the mighty Toa as they collect the Masks of Power, harness elemental forces and outsmart dangerous foes in their quest to free the island of Mata Nui from the dark shadow of Makuta. Take control of all six Toa, unlocking more characters during play. Surf streams of boiling lava as Tahu, ride the Great Bull of Legends (Kane-Ra) as Pohatu, explore underwater ruins with Gali, ski down the icy slopes of Mount Ihu as Kopaka, cause earthquakes as Onua and swing through dense jungles as Lewa.
Concept Animations
Concept Sketches
Beta Test
Get an exclusive look at the concept animations for the game.
Quicktime 4       AVI 165k Nui-Jaga.avi 208k 326k OnuaHands.avi 394k 187k OnuaWalking.avi 247k
Mata Nui
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