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Bionicle: The Heroes of Mata Nui
A story is told and suddenly it becomes reality. . .

Mata Nui is the story about a fabled island at some distant point in the future. The heroes, the legendary six Toa, are fantastic characters, who bring life to this brand new LEGO play universe.

A dark shadow of paralyzing fear and darkness broods over Mata Nui. The islanders, called the Tohunga, desperately try to defeat the evil Makuta, who spreads death and destruction. Their only hope is six legendary heroes, who will come to restore peace. The so-called Toa will arrive. They have the power to defeat the evil forces and free the Tohunga. The six Toa have unique skills but before they can free the island, they have to find the Great Masks of Power, called Kanohi.

LEGO Company discloses the secret about Mata Nui and presents the heroes of the island for the first time. Children can make up their own stories about Mata Nui. That way the legend about the island will continue to offer new exciting adventures and challenges.

June 2001
The Turaga are the village leaders on Mata Nui, and the keepers of the legend. They share their knowledge with the Toa so they can find the masks and free the island. The Turaga also have their own masks.

The Turaga:
Onewa, he will help Pohatu find the masks. His is one of the most important characters in the struggle to free Mata Nui. No decisions are made without him and he is almost the supreme judge of the island.

Whenua is the oldest of the village leaders. He guards the masks. He knows where Makuta has set his traps and what roads are the most safe. Therefore, he will escort Onua and help him free Mata Nui.

Nokama is the only female Turaga. Like Gali, her element is the water where she can dive to incredible depths. Nokama and Gali form a strong team and they are unbeatable on their way to find the rare masks.

Vakama is the defender of fire and the keeper of the legend. When Tahu saved the village inhabitants from a big danger, the two became friends and Vakama plays an important part in the search for the masks.

Matau has prophesied Lewa's arrival on Mata Nui. They both control the sky, the clouds and the wind. They move easily across the jungle. Matau is the funniest among the Turaga as everyone laughs at his jokes.

Nuju is the defender of ice. He and Kopaka set traps on the ice, start avalanches and do everything to protect the village inhabitants against danger. He is one of the Turaga who knows where to find the rare masks.

July 2001: The Toa
Pohatu – The Toa of Stone. He can cause landslides and cascades in order to block the road for the enemy. He easily moves across mountains and canyons; nothing can stop him.

Onua – The Toa of Earth. His home ground is either above or underground. His night vision powers and his powerful hands help him dig tunnels through dirt or rock.

Gali – The Toa of Water. She is wise, agile and is an expert in self-defense.

Tahu – The Toa of Fire. He is the master of heat and able to surf on lava. With his flaming torch he destroys mountains and debris obstructing the lava that is flowing toward the big ocean. He can surf across the volcanoes at extreme speeds and with great skill.

Lewa – The Toa of Air. He controls the sky, the clouds and the wind. He moves across his beloved jungle with lightening speed and can maneuver through foliage with his strong arms.

Kopaka – The Toa of Ice. He can start avalanches with his ice blade and cut out blocks of ice to block the road for his pursuers. Everything that comes near his cold blade is turned into ice.

The new LEGO Bionicle models are available beginning in June.

June 2001

A list of the new LEGO Bionicle Turaga models:
Art. no. 8540  Vakama
Art. no. 8541  Matau
Art. no. 8542  Onewa
Art. no. 8543  Nokama
Art. no. 8544  Nuju
Art. no. 8545  Whenua

July 2001

A list of the new LEGO Bionicle Toa models:
Art. no. 8530  Masks
Art. no. 8531  Pohatu
Art. no. 8532  Onua
Art. no. 8533  Gali
Art. no. 8534  Tahu
Art. no. 8535  Lewa
Art. no. 8536  Kopaka

LEGO Bionicle Software, published by LEGO® Media International, will arrive beginning in September of 2001. Titles include: LEGO® Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui for PC CD-ROM and LEGO® Bionicle: Tales of the Tohunga for Nintendo® Game Boy Advance.

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