LEGO Company enters the world of music

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LEGO Company enters the world of music

JANUARY, 2001, BILLUND: LEGO Company has linked up with Universal Music International in a unique three year business partnership.

The world's largest music company has secured the support of a world famous producer to develop music to accompany the latest new product launch from LEGO Company: LEGO® TECHNIC® Bionicle. This will initially consist of a Music power pack launched in Europe throughout the spring 2001 with further music projects planned to support the product later in the year. All music releases will be enhanced CDs with multimedia content, which means that you by putting your CD into the PC will experience an introduction to the LEGO TECHNIC universe.

Jens-Otto Paludan, MD Universal Music Denmark commented: "This is a very exciting project for Universal Music and allows us to develop a relationship with a prestigious brand outside of the music arena. The LEGO name is synonymous with quality, imagination, creativity, innovation and fun - attributes we can identify very closely with".

"We have chosen to work together with the Universal Music International because we share the same target audience among young people between the ages of 7-16.For these children story telling and music play a very important role in their daily life. Young people absorb themselves in different universes and identify with role models such as pop groups or they enjoy role-playing themselves. Story telling plays a large role in LEGO TECHNIC Bionicle, which we expect to be a hit among young people in this age group," says Stig Blicher, global brand director for LEGO Company. “Our products stimulate many senses, so for us, it is only natural to incorporate music into the LEGO universe. With LEGO TECHNIC Bionicle, it seems natural to add new dimensions to the overall experience by releasing LEGO inspired music to the public.”

LEGO TECHNIC Bionicle is a totally new concept where storytelling is in focus. Children can learn about the universe and follow the development of the story on The story begins at the island Mata Nui, where the six Toa heroes with one destiny and the six Turaga priests are the main characters. The six Toas will be released in Europe in February and in the States in August.

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For further information please contact:
Eva Lykkegaard
Global Company Communications
LEGO Company
Tel: +45 79 50 74 24

Lisa Bond
Universal Music International
Tel: +44 207 747 4217

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