Makuta Nui-Rama Nui-Jaga Tarakava Muaka & Kane-Ra Manas
Danger Waits in the Swamp
Tarakava live in the oceans and rivers of Mata Nui, preferring the shallows close to the shoreline. They are huge, lizard-like creatures and virtually always hunt in pairs. Those Tohunga who sail the waters of Mata Nui have learned to fear the Tarakava more than any other Rahi.

Natural Tools: Tarakava are amphibious. They can stay underwater for prolonged periods of time, waiting for a chance to strike. When prey comes near, their use their powerful arms to stun their target. They have also been known to attack Tohunga boats, capsizing them.

Danger Level: Like the Nui-Rama, the Tarakava are comfortable in an element unfamiliar to most Toa: water. Gali, the Toa of water, is the best equipped to battle Tarakava, and even she is wary of them. Pohatu and Lewa, both of whom dislike water, are at the biggest disadvantage when facing Tarakava.

Like all Rahi, Tarakava are controlled by the infected masks they wear. If the masks are removed, they will cease fighting and can sometimes even be tamed.
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