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Beware the Scorpions Sting
The Nui-Jaga are huge, scorpion-like creatures. They can be found primarily in the deserts of Mata Nui, though they have been spotted in the jungles and along the coast as well. Nui-Jaga normally hunt in pairs.

Natural Tools: Nui-Jaga rely on their strong claws and their powerful stinger. A single well-placed blow from a stinger can knock off an opponent's mask. They have also been known to work with other Rahi, using their stingers to "herd" enemies into ambushes.

Danger Level: The best way to survive an encounter with a Nui-Jaga is to stay out its way. Their speed, their stingers, and their cunning make them dangerous opponents. The Toa most successful at battling Nui-Jaga is Lewa, who can take to the trees and stay out of range of their stingers.

Like all Rahi, the Nui-Jaga are controlled by the infected masks they wear. If the masks are removed, the Nui-Jaga will cease fighting and can sometimes even be tamed.
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