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Muaka & Kane-Ra
Fighting Tooth and Claw
Although they are very different creatures, Muaka and Kane-Ra work together because Makuta wishes them to do so. Muaka is a large tiger-like creature and Kane-Ra resembles a great bull. They are two of the most powerful Rahi!

Natural Tools: Both Muaka and Kane-Ra are capable of extending their necks a great distance, making it easier for them to corner and catch prey. Muaka relies on his snapping jaws, Kane-Ra on his sharp horns. Muaka and Kane-Ra are both very fast and rely on surprise.

Danger Level: Many a Tohunga has made the mistake of thinking that because Muaka or Kane-Ra was far away, there was no danger. Their ability to extend their necks means you can never be sure where an attack will come from. Often, Muaka hides in the jungle and will suddenly shoot his head forward to grab something on the path, while his body stays concealed.

Like all Rahi, Muaka and Kane-Ra are controlled by the infected masks they wear. If the masks are removed, they will cease fighting and can sometimes even be tamed.
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