Makuta Nui-Rama Nui-Jaga Tarakava Muaka & Kane-Ra Manas
Guardians of Makuta
The Manas are the most powerful guardians of Makuta. They resemble huge crabs, and their sheer power and vicious tempers are legendary. Just where on Mata Nui they can be found remains a mystery, but it is believed they protect the lair of Makuta.

Natural Tools: The Manas' most powerful weapons are their claws. A Manas claw is powerful enough to snap a full-grown tree in half. When they are not fighting the enemies of Makuta, the Manas stay combat-ready by fighting with each other.

Danger Level: Manas are easily the most dangerous Rahi. They are so powerful that no single Toa can hope to defeat them. Only by combining their powers and skills can the heroes of Mata Nui successfully challenge these monsters.

Like all Rahi, Manas can be defeated by knocking off their infected masks. No one knows if a mask-less Manas can be tamed, because no one has ever survived long enough to get a mask off one.
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