Makuta Nui-Rama Nui-Jaga Tarakava Muaka & Kane-Ra Manas
Shadow of Mata Nui
No creature that speaks has seen the Makuta and returned. His lair could be in every shadow, every scrap of darkness. Some say he has three heads. Others say he can change into many forms. Only one thing is known for sure: if he is not stopped, his power and evil will grow to dominate all of Mata Nui.

The legend says the Makuta is a whirling, kicking, screaming, clawing beast. He--or IT-- could be many things at once - cobra, tiger, hawk. Each must be defeated before the Makuta emerges from deep inside the surface of Mata Nui and replicates into a vicious swarm of separate and equally deadly beasts. And if this happens, the beings of Mata Nui will know untold harm. So the legend says.
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