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Noble Masks of Power
Noble Masks do not posses as much energy as the Great Masks of Power, but they too are vital to the Toa's quest. The Noble Masks can be worn by both the Toa and Turaga, and each Toa must collect six Noble Masks.
Mask of Mahiki Kanohi Mahiki
The Noble Mask of Illusion; allows the user to create illusions to deceive an opponent or escape detection.
Mask of Huna Kanohi Huna
The Noble Mask of Concealment; allows the user to turn invisible.
Mask of Matatu Kanohi Matatu
The Noble Mask of Telekinesis; allows the user to move objects and project force by thought. The stronger the thought, the stronger the power!
Mask of Ruru Kanohi Ruru
The Noble Mask of Night Vision; gives the user the power to see in any level of darkness.
Mask of Rau Kanohi Rau
The Noble Mask of Translation; allows the user to read the ancient languages, runes and symbols.
Mask of Komau Kanohi Komau
The Noble Mask of Mind Control; allows the user to command others to do the user's bidding!
Infected Mask
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