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Great Masks of Power
Each Toa must collect six Great Masks of Power, so that together they can defeat Makuta and fulfill their destiny. Each mask grants the wearer new power and wisdom.
Mask of Miru Kanohi Miru
The Great Mask of Levitation; allows the user to float and glide on air.
Mask of Hau Kanohi Hau
The Great Mask of Shielding; provides protection against any attack the user is aware of, but not against ambush.
Mask of Akaku Kanohi Akaku
The Great Mask of X-Ray Vision; allows the user to see through walls and discover that which is hidden.
Mask of Pakari Kanohi Pakari
The Great Mask of Strength; increases the user's brute physical power.
Mask of Kaukau Kanohi Kaukau
The Great Mask of Water; allows the user to breathe underwater.
Mask of Kakama Kanohi Kakama
The great Mask of Speed; allows the user to cover great distances in the blink of an eye.
Infected Mask
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