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You have already seen much, and achieved great wisdom regarding the Bionicle..

Welcome to the Bionicle shrine.

What was Bionicle? A LEGO toy line released in 2001 and lasted nearly 10 years in its original run. It holds a very special place in my heart, and was an early example of how great storytelling, multimedia experiences, and careful world building can bring a lot of immersion to a product line. My brother and I were obsessed as kids!

Accessing Bionicle resources today: There are tons of Bionicle-related resources at the BioMedia Project, including archived games, videos, software, news, and other media.

Bionicle Fangame: I'm personally assisting with a project called Bionicle: Quest for Mata Nui that's an impressive fan game that captures the atmosphere from 2001. The creators of this fan mod have even partnered with LEGO to get their blessing on the project. It has support from the co-creators, and the narrator / voice actor from the commercials that aired in the United States, Tony Wedgwood, has even offered his talents to help promotion for the game.

Original Bionicle Website: Below is a recreation of Bionicle.com as it appeared in 2001. It is built primarily off of a handful of successful crawls of the website completed by Alexa Internet, now hosted on the Internet Archive. The original version of this restoration effort is available here, and contains all of the information and credits for the individuals responsible for helping make this happen (I simply reuploaded it here).

It's not quite a 1:1 recreation, but those responsible did a fantastic job restoring what was possible to restore. I've also made some slight modifications (like compressing the videos and a few other changes) from the origianl restoration.

A couple pages use Flash. Where that content was preserved, you will be able to view it by installing the Ruffle browser extension. The exception to this is the Mata Nui game, which is too complex for Ruffle at this time.

Enjoy the original Bionicle.com.

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